Containerized Solutions

SmartWires Containerized Mobile Power Flow Solution

The multi-mission marvel.

Nomad Containerized Solutions are the ultimate in versatility and future-readiness. Completely customizable 20 or 40-foot ISO containers (8 or 16-feet wide) serve as a flexible platform for diverse applications, from utilities and telco, to defense and test range.

Liberate mission design from the constraints of fixed equipment with a solution that’s easy to relocate and reposition. Serve multiple mission profiles with a single asset to reduce your logistical footprint, gain efficiencies, and maximize budget. Most importantly, leverage our modular, open source design methodologies and trusted technology and hardware partnerships for simplified integration and turn-key solutions.

Containerized Solutions are engineered in Nomad’s Huntsville, Alabama office and manufactured in our Libby, Montana plant.


Solution Options

  • Portable Accommodation Module (PAM) Certification | Free Whitepaper
  • ICD 705-compliant Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs)
  • EMI/RF shielding, acoustic protection, and physical security | More Info
  • NeverDown™ Hybridized Power Management for mission continuity | More Info
  • AlwaysUp™ connectivity with Intelligent Routing (satellite, cell, terrestrial)
  • STANCE Axleless® kneeling suspension for rolling-chassis containers | More Info

Completely unique in the market.

Mission-Driven, Purpose-Built // Other suppliers might take a “cut and cobble” approach, modifying foreign-sourced containers, then adding components in a patchwork fashion. By contrast, Nomad Containerized Solutions are designed from the ground up, with domestic materials, in a vertically-integrated process tailored to each application. The approach enables us to obtain Portable Accommodation Module (PAM) certification, required for installation aboard ABS-classed vessels.

Unmatched Speed, Safety, and Security // Leverage our modular designs and agile, responsive teams to get from operational requirement to mission readiness fast. In spite of our speed, Nomad never cuts corners on safety or security. We build to Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 705 and the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC 4-010-05) for container SCIFs as required. Data and physical hardening, as well as RF-shielded environments are also available.

Automation + Hybridization // Next-level your solution with Nomad Total Command (NTC) and NeverDown Hybridized Power Management. NeverDown delivers resilient energy conversion, storage, and transfer with seamless transitions between battery and generator sources. NTC is a “single pane of glass” to manage power, connectivity and other mission-critical systems, and to enable automations that improve safety and efficiency.


In Development: Broad Ocean Area Testing

As part of an integrated team of industry leaders, Nomad is engineering an innovative solution for broad ocean area missile testing. The first-of-its-kind concept houses telemetry equipment in containers with retractable roofs. During testing, the roofs slide open and antennas and other components deploy. Select systems are automated by Nomad Total Command (NTC) for enhanced safety, simplicity, security, and reliability. The project is being designed to DARPA’s Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) standards, emphasizing flexibility, scalability, and interoperability. Manned containers are designed to Portable Accommodation Module (PAM) standards.

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