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Note: This form is for current Nomad customers. Looking for general contact information? Please visit the Contact Page.

⚠️ Important

Support hours are 8:00am – 5:00pm MST. Urgent needs after hours? Please contact us by phone.

📞 Phone: 406.863.6386

Ticketing Process

Our intuitive ticketing system ensures you get the help you need when you need it. Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit a Service Request: Contact our Service Desk by phone or using the form above
  2. Service Triage: Our team prioritizes the request based on urgency
  3. Addressing your issue: Nomad addresses issue in a timely manner, whether you simply need information, or require an in-person response
  4. Ticket Tracking: Track your request in real-time via the Customer Portal (Coming soon!)
  5. Feedback: Once the issue is resolved, your feedback helps us refine our process

Warranty Coverage

Every Nomad Connected Mobile Operations Center (CMOC) comes with a Standard Warranty, ensuring that, while rare, any issue arising due to a manufacturing or design fault is addressed promptly.

  • Duration: Standard 12-year with 1-year Platinum Warranty
  • Scope: See the Master Warranty Agreement (MWA) for details
  • Extended Warranties: Nomad offers plans that will cover CMOCs up to an extra 7 years, bumper to bumper. For details, please see the MWA

Need-Based Responses

Nomad shares your “mission first” mindset and strives to be responsive and flexible. Our “Need-Based Response” approach reflects this commitment to exceptional service. The criteria we use to assess need are:

  • Urgent/Critical: Mission-critical issues affecting current operations
  • High Priority: Issues potentially affecting future operations
  • Medium and Low Priority: Non-essential issues or requests, not time sensitive

If the severity of your issue changes, Nomad will recalibrate its response. For a comprehensive understanding of Need-Based Responses, see the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

On-Site FSTs

For critical hardware or system issues, Nomad Field Service Technicians (FSTs) stand at the ready to provide on-site support. The FSTs ensure quick and effective issue resolution, minimizing downtime.

“Customer support is excellent. I’ve called several times from incident scenes and gotten the resolution I needed almost instantly. The folks at Nomad understand the critical applications of their products and the importance of proper functionality.” Vail (CO) Public Safety Communications Center

First Time Fix + Continuous Improvement

By equipping our FSTs to travel throughout the Continental United States, Nomad aims for a high first-time fix rate, reducing the need for return visits and ensuring you’re 100% operational as quickly as possible.

Your feedback drives our evolution. Post-service, we welcome your insights on our performance, which will help us refine protocols and serve you and all Nomad customers better.

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