Crime Scene

Crime Scene Lab

Every Minute Matters when it comes to processing a crime scene. A quick response is crucial in the preservation of physical evidence. Nomad has the right quick response solution to help you close the case in looking for your custom complete crime scene evidence collection solutions.

Vehicle Benefits

All of our units are available on a variety of different chassis & trailers.

Exterior access to specific equipment, with on-board laboratory accommodations conference areas can be designed for interviewing suspects or operational planning.

Mobile Crime Lab

Crime Lab Storage

Design Options

  • Lockable Compartments for Securing Evidence
  • Areas for Evidence Processing
  • Customized Evidence Collection Kits (i.e. GSA, DNA Kits, Sketch Kits, etc)
  • Complete “Turn – Key” Solutions

Communications Capabilities

  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Crime Scene Mapping
  • Video, Audio, Back to local Crime Lab (Live Streaming)

Crime Scene Mobile Workstation

Mobile Crime Lab

Case Study: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation


  • Public Safety
  • Crime Scene


The quality of evidence gathered at a crime scene is dependent on the forensic equipment and materials available on site. In order to process physical evidence at crime scenes faster, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) required a mobile crime unit that would provide:

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