Swat Team in Vehicle

When Every Minute Matters, Nomad Special Response Team Vehicles (SRTV) are engineered to provide reliable multi-mission SWAT team member transportation.

Swat Vehicle Benefits

Designed to provide inconspicuous transportation for surveillance details or covertly approaching a scene, the Nomad SRTV provides unmatched versatility in SWAT team transportation.

Custom Sprinter Van
Swat Vehicle Seating and Storage

Design Options

Equipped with ultra-quiet generators, heavy duty HVAC systems, secure gun and special tool storage, the SRTV is purpose engineered to provide a climate controlled operational space driven by the team mission.

Storage options include:

  • Robust slide out trays
  • Flash Bang & Gas Deployment Trays
  • Breaching Tool Storage

Communications Capabilities

  • Throw Phone Options
  • Comprehensive Range of Mobile Radio Systems
  • VOiP Phone System with Wifi headsets
  • Satellite phone and data systems including BGAN & VSAT
  • Secure Cell Systems
  • Communication Interoperability Options
  • Complete Integration of Client Supplied Equipment

Swat Team in Sprinter Van

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