Nomad Total Command

Nomad Total Command

Nomad Total Command (NTC) is a comprehensive systems control and monitoring solution. NTC provides operators, fleet managers and Incident Commanders with advanced monitoring, on-board diagnostic, alerting and management tools designed and engineered specifically to improve reliability, remote operational control and maximized uptime for trailer and truck based platforms.

Total Operating Picture (TOP)

The Nomad Total Operating Picture (TOP) software product is an integrated Command, Control, Communications and Security software solution.

TOP has been developed and deployed to provide real-time situational awareness with integrated systems controls to emergency and disaster service responders operating in life safety and security operations.

Designed to automate mission control, Nomad TOP was designed to fuse information and aggregate data collected from sensor systems and real time video collection from one or more mobile or fixed assets. Nomad TOP provides operators with a comprehensive situational awareness picture and IP based control systems by creating a seamless management and integration of video surveillance, physical security, network security and access control to insure command, control, communications and management of critical systems and assets locally or remotely.

Nomad Total Command
Vehicle Monitoring System

Virtual Control

Every Nomad vehicle is built on the best chassis available on the market.

The truck and automotive industry have leveraged data networks in virtually all of their chassis. Total Command provides step by step deployment and stowing instructions ensuring that your vehicle is ready to go at a moment’s notice no matter who is deploying it. This failsafe approach means that multiple agency personnel can be utilized rather than the one individual who has been trained.

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