Palo Verde Nuclear Station TCV

Palo Verde TCV

The Challenge

In response to the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, the U.S. electric power industry made it a goal to enhance emergency response capabilities such as more robust communications networks. 

Following this recommendation, the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Administration worked with Nomad to create a mobile communications network that included three (3) Tactical Command Vehicles (TCV), one (1) Tactical Communications Trailer (TCT) and two (2) fixed VSAT antenna solutions for the Palo Verde Nuclear Station in Tonopah, AZ.  To prevent the communication and information deficiencies that occurred during the Fukashima disaster, Palo Verde and Nomad designed a mesh network that provides services for 3 nuclear reactors, on-site communication, and an off-site emergency command center with emergency backup communications.  Each platform is designed to provide communications capabilities for rapid response efforts, as well as short term infrastructure replacement throughout the station in the event of a natural disaster.

The Solution

Industry: Nuclear, Public Safety

Location: Tonopah, AZ

Unit: 3 Tactical Command Vehicles

  • Pneumatic Mast w/ Surveillance System
  • Nomad Total Command
  • Purpose Built Dispatch workstations
  • 2m AVL Satellite Reach Back Antenna
  • Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Interoperability Suite
  • Two (2) 19” Data Racks
  • Data Integration Package Module
  • Advanced Voice and Data Communications
  • Remote Power Management and Systems Control

Completed Projects

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