In an age of the one-click, one-day delivery shopping experience, we are used to nearly instant gratification. We can order up almost anything from dog food to a dining room table and have it arrive on our doorstep the next day. With Alexa we can practically whisper our wants and have them magically appear. Beginning the process to purchase a mobile command vehicle requires far more careful consideration and problem solving.

So how does a community make the right decisions around purchasing a mobile command center? The process most often involves many different departments and individuals with unique needs and concerns. One way to ensure everyone is on the same page and feels good about the final decision is to align on a basic set of questions to be answered up front.

So, before you click “buy now” consider asking yourselves these questions.

The Five Big Questions To Ask About Mobile Command Centers

  1. How much is this going to cost?
  2. How can we maintain the vehicle?
  3. How can we justify the purchase to our community?
  4. Who will we need to train?
  5. How often does the technology change?

1.   How much does a mobile command vehicle cost?

Mobile command centers have a wide price range. Each vehicle is completely customized to meet your specific needs. This also means that each vehicle has a different price tag. We completely understand price sensitivity, and how it can make or break a decision before the sales process even begins. If you’d like to discuss the different technologies and vehicles we offer, contact us today and we can provide a ballpark cost based on your needs.

2.   How can we maintain the vehicle?

Maintaining a mobile command center is very similar to maintaining your other community  assets. At Nomad we make sure all of our customers are happy with their vehicle’s performance on a consistent basis. We’ve designed a four-point philosophy that is founded in the principle of building a lasting partnership with our customers.

  1. Define Success
  2. Measure & Maintain
  3. Optimize & Innovate
  4. Advocate

We are committed to ensuring customer success by providing a remarkable experience not just during the procurement process, but throughout the life of your Nomad vehicle.

3.   How can we justify the purchase to our community?

A mobile command center is a critical tool for ensuring preparedness in the event of a natural disaster or other crisis, and for day-to-day public safety. From centralized communications and operations, to tactical response, they can provide life-saving results. Our solutions ensure that your community is able to handle any crisis.

Your community can learn from the successes of others who have already seen how a mobile command center can make the difference when it counts. Explore their stories here and see how you can greatly improve your community’s overall safety.

Making an investment in a mobile command center is one that will have a long-lasting impact on your community. It is hard to put a price tag on having reliable communications and an off-grid mobile workstation during a crisis, but being unprepared will prove to be very costly.

4.   Who will we need to train?

In many cases the decision makers aren’t necessarily the end users of our mobile command centers. It’s important to consult the end user when considering the purchase of a mobile command center.

It’s a big investment for the community and it will be important for the right people to know how to use the technology. The first step is to identify who those people are and ensure they are involved in the process. Each person will bring a unique perspective to the table and listening to all invested parties’ needs upfront will prevent anyone from saying, “I wish we had asked for ____.”

5.   How Often Does Technology Change?

Even with the rapid speed of advancements in technology, the foundation of the mobile command center will continue to support the vehicle’s primary function for the community. So, these vehicles are always capable of having the latest and greatest technology. With Nomad’s available warranty, sustainment, and IT refresh programs, you’ll never have to worry about your vehicle being outdated, or having to purchase a completely new one every time technology changes.


NOMAD GCS understands the importance of having a mobile operations solution for your community. We take our work seriously and understand how it impacts community safety. That’s why we are constantly improving our technology and product offerings. If you are looking for a mobile operations solution for your community contact us today. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have so you’re prepared to introduce the idea of a mobile operations solution to your community.

Put our two decades of learning to work for you and your community.