Nomad TCV Features


The Nomad TCT is a rapidly deployable communications tool that can be operated in the most challenging and remote environments for 10+ days without on-site user intervention.


Communications infrastructure can be replaced or enlarged with a Nomad TCT.

Once on scene, systems can be fully operational in less than 7 minutes, delivering Mission Critical Communications to those who need it most. Available in variable GVWR configurations from 3-6,000lbs, the Nomad TCT can be pulled by a variety of tow vehicles.

Towable Communications Trailer

Communication Trailers

Design Options

Designed to deliver maximum value, the Nomad TCT provides the benefits of a small trailer based platform with the unmatched flexibility of up to 63 rack units of vibration isolated, HVAC controlled electronics shelter space.

Additional features include an integrated equipment storage, a diesel power plant available in variable power configurations from 6kw to 12kw and a dual telescoping mast application to elevate antennas and camera system.

Communications Capabilities

Configured to deliver a full suite of communication tools, including advanced voice, video and data connectivity, the TCT provides a modular, mission driven suite of communication package options, including:

  • Multiple Redundant Secure Internet Connectivity Solutions (terrestrial / MESH / microwave / cellular / satellite)
  • LMR support
  • Integrated IP to RF interoperability Modules
  • Advanced Data routing and Switching
  • Integrated Video Surveillance Modules
  • Cell on Demand Connectivity Solutions
  • Voice, Video and Data Interoperability
  • Operator Defined Custom Use Modules

Emergency Communications Trailer

Communications Trailers

Maximize Coverage

Deployed with additional mobile assets, the Nomad TCT offers an emergency scene endless communication coverage, including data, voice, video and radio interoperability throughout a disaster or emergency zone.

Tactical Command and Communication

Tactical Command Vehicle

Command Vehicles


Tactical Communication Trailer

Communication Trailers


Tactical Surveillance Trailer

Surveillance Trailers


Man Portable Tripod

Man Portable Solutions


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