EMI, EMP, and RF Shielded Solutions

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A shielded mobile operations platform should serve your unique objectives. From simple interference mitigation to all-out, Tempest-rated, secure communication environments… Nomad will partner with you to engineer a custom platform that protects critical assets and exceeds your expectations in every way. Let’s build something great together.


>> Device or Small System Shielding
>> Shielded Trailers and Vehicles
>> Electronic Equipment Rooms and Shelters
>> Containerized Systems
>> Build to Tempest and Other Shielding Standards as Required


>> Equipment and Systems Testing
>> Telemetry and Other Data Collection
>> Military and Defense
>> Eavesdropping Protection
>> Encrypted Communications

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EMI and RF Shielding

Comprehensive electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency (RF) shielding may not be necessary for all command and communication solutions. But those who need electromagnetically “clean” testing environments, extra protection of sensitive electronics, or improved security against eavesdropping, wireless attacks, and other threats should consult a Nomad expert.

EMP and Space Weather

Another factor to consider when evaluating your shielding needs are the low-probability (but high-impact) risks posed by massive solar storms and human-generated electromagnetic pulses (EMP). These threats are garnering increased government attention, and there will likely be future action to ensure critical assets are protected. In any case, the vulnerability of terrestrial power grids underlines the importance of resilient, self-sufficient command and communication solutions.

emp and space weather

Don’t Use The Wrong Hammer

Options are limited in providers of high-quality shielded vehicles, trailers, and other solutions. Look for a partner who is not only qualified, but also flexible and responsive. Just as you don’t need a sledgehammer to drive a tack, and a tack hammer is insufficient to tear down a wall… Your shielded solution should serve the specifics of your mission. Nomad understands this, and will work with you at every step to identify your needs and engineer a custom platform that fits perfectly. We don’t force you into our solution. We design the solution around you.

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