Tactical Command Vehicles (TCV + TCV-X)

Go where others can’t, deploy faster, serve more effectively.

Traditional command vehicles have limited capabilities in challenging environments. Add the issues of disparate components, sluggish deployment times, and the need for trained operators and CDL drivers, and the “bigger is better” mindset begs rethinking. Enter the Nomad Tactical Command Vehicle (TCV), the most flexible and capable mobile operations platform in the world. The guiding philosophy is simple: Eliminate complexity, integrate all systems, stay connected and operational at all times… When every minute matters.


>> Connectivity optimized on the fly
>> Off-pavement, off-grid capable
>> Interoperable voice, video, and data
>> Deploys in under seven minutes
>> UAS piloting and airspace security


>> Law enforcement and public safety
>> Military and defense
>> Disaster and emergency response
>> Public utility and oil + gas
>> Fire, hazmat, and search + rescue 

The INTEGRATED Mobile Operations Platform

Always-On Power // Nomad’s proprietary NeverDown Technologies system operates cool and quiet at zero emissions. A generator and engine-driven alternator fill the gaps when necessary.

Off-Pavement Prowess // With four-wheel drive, high ground clearance, air ride suspension, and ruggedized components, the TCV goes where the other guys can’t.

Mission-Driven Command Shelter // The ergonomic, task-oriented TCV keeps critical personnel at the helm, freeing up others to serve where the need is greatest.

On-the-Move Connectivity // Nomad has partnered with satcom pioneer Kymeta to bring the flat-panel KyWay™ satellite terminal to the TCV mobile operations solutions.

Situational Awareness // Understand the Total Operating Picture with on-scene and remote, networked nodes. Control from inside the vehicle. View, record, and stream to others.

Interoperable Comms // Next-gen Nomad interop solutions bridge land mobile radio (LMR), video and data feeds, even bandwidth between different responding agencies.

Airspace Ops // Pilot from within the TCV for surveillance, inspection, and payload work. Extend operations with tether options. Protect airspace with drone tracking and countermeasures.

Steadfast Support // We’re your partner in success. Extended warranties, IT refresh programs, and 24×7 in-house support have got your asset covered. Nomad is in the truck with you.

TCV // Revolutionary Command + Control

The Bureau of Indian Affairs was searching for a command vehicle that could be easily transported and deployed remotely. What started as a collaborative napkin sketch evolved into the original Nomad TCV. That platform now serves organizations of all types in need of rugged strength, unmatched connectivity, and on-the-move operations.

TCV-X // Capability Runs in the Family

The newest addition to the Tactical Command Vehicle family, TCV-X puts the technical performance and off-pavement prowess of the original TCV on a longer single-cab chassis, for missions requiring less on-the-move workspace. The command shelter is larger than the TCV’s, and configurable with up to four ergonomic workstations, plus additional seating.

Hell or High Water // Nomad vehicles responded to all of 2017’s major hurricanes. After Harvey, a TCV pushed into Port Arthur, Texas, passing a number of stranded command units that couldn’t navigate the flooded roads. The TCV deployed quickly and proved vital to communications efforts at a makeshift hospital.

Across the board, organizations are executing more challenging deployments than ever before.
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