Man Portable Solutions

Man-portable tripods deliver multi-camera HD quality PTZ video surveillance tools and network extension solutions.

  • Weighs less than 50lbs
  • Deploys in under 5 minutes
  • Adjustable height from 4’ to 24’

Broaden Your Operating Picture

Extend video surveillance operations and MESH network coverage when traditional vehicle or trailer based solutions are unpractical.

The Man Portable Network Node (MPNN) was designed to provide a cost effective, reliable and scalable component in an overall MESH network or to be used as a stand-alone resource for surveillance applications.

Man Portable Surveillance
Communications Tripod Battery and Case

Man Portable Design

With an integrated rechargeable battery pack with network health monitoring (battery levels, network health, etc), the MPNN has a typical operational time of 6-10 hours depending on operational use before battery replacement is required.

Communications Capabilities

Options Include:

  • Multiple Redundant Secure Internet Connectivity Solutions (terrestrial / MESH / microwave / cellular / satellite)
  • LMR support
  • Integrated IP to RF interoperability Modules
  • Advanced Data routing and Switching
  • Integrated Video Surveillance Modules
  • Cell on Demand Connectivity Solutions
  • Voice, Video and Data Interoperability
  • Operator Defined Custom Use Modules
Portable Surveillance

Tactical Command and Communication

Tactical Command Vehicle

Command Vehicles


Tactical Communication Trailer

Communication Trailers


Tactical Surveillance Trailer

Surveillance Trailers


Man Portable Tripod

Man Portable Solutions


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