Atlas: Your Procurement Roadmap

Perplexed by procurement? Get on the right path.

Your mobile operations must be fast, flexible, simple, reliable, and oh yeah… Within budget. Where do you even start? The five-step Nomad Atlas system will help pinpoint your place in the purchasing process, win influence with key players (and naysayers), avoid deal-sabotaging pitfalls, and triumphantly reach your destination. We will work alongside you to deliver the information and tools that ensure a just-right solution for your team and the people you serve. Let’s build something great together.

Nomad Atlas // 5-Step Procurement Guide

Assess: Define the problem and where you’re at in the buying process.

Tour: Evaluate potential solutions, get inspired by the possibilities.

Launch: Commit to the project and choose the best-aligned vendor.

Accomplish: See your mission objectives met, enjoy success.

Support: Form a partnership of mutual benefit, innovate together.

Assess // Define the Need

Perhaps you have never considered how mobile operations might integrate into your organization. Or maybe you know there is a need, but are unsure how to get started. Nomad Atlas will help you give shape and detail to the problem, show how others in your shoes have benefited from similar solutions, and understand the trajectory and mechanics of an asset purchase.

Tour // Evaluate + Get Inspired

This is where it gets fun. Recognizing the value of mobile operations, you are ready to explore platform, construction, technology, and service options. You’ll collaborate with Nomad to generate ideas, understand costs, and align around a shared vision. Atlas will give you tools to compare vendors and proposals, and identify key stakeholders in your organization so you can effectively share your knowledge.

Launch // Commit to the Project

You’ve decided Nomad is the right partner. Nice! The picture of your completed project is becoming clear, and it’s time to shake hands. We will work together to shore up timelines, finalize specifications, and defend against threats that might derail progress. Atlas will guide you through the backroads and byways of grants, contracts, financing, leasing, and other purchasing mechanisms.

Accomplish // Achieve Success

There is no feeling quite like seeing your mobile operations venture completed. You’ve tracked the project throughout construction and it’s a winner. Along the way, Atlas has armed you with the guidance needed to communicate goals and demonstrate value to your team. Nomad delivers your asset, trains and advises during implementation, and hands you the keys. But we’re not done…

Support // Grow + Innovate Together

Nomad is committed to the long haul, and will be by your side to assist with challenges, advocate for growth and expansion of your programs, and ensure your products serve impeccably over time. With your feedback and insights, we will be able to offer increasingly mission-specific solutions. And the growing Atlas community will connect you with peers in your area of service to exchange knowledge and perspective.

What does the Nomad Atlas system mean to you?

Procuring critical assets for mobile operations used to be problematic… Fraught with complexities, conflicts, and pitfalls that threatened at every turn to sabotage projects. No more. Atlas puts you in the express lane to a successful outcome, whatever your mission. Information is power, and you’ll be armed with everything you need to define, justify, and measure the success of your project. Clear milestones and agreement points along the path will eliminate surprises and wrong turns. Welcome to Mobile Operations 2.0