Oil and Gas

Communications Trailer in Field

In the oil and gas industry down time is not acceptable. Nomad’s vehicle and communication solutions ensure that your company always has visibility into your field operations.

Communication Capabilities

Nomad utilizes communication and satellite systems that provide the highest uptime in the industry.

Nomad works with each client to engineer a vehicle and communication solution that best meets their requirement. Whether that is providing an onsite VSAT trailer solution to meet high bandwidth needs or setting up a trailer based remote cellular network, Nomad will make sure all of your drilling or exploration operations are connected.

Communications Trailer Storage

Satellite Trailer

Service Options

Flexible bandwidth and voice and video service plans give you control over your recurring operating costs.

Nomad not only provides the vehicle and hardware but also customizes the bandwidth for your particular need. We can build multi-site networks or single sites with specific bandwidth profiles.

Keep Mission Critical Networks Maximized

To operate properly at all times it is critical to keep mission critical data flowing.

Our customized Nomad Silo Filtering system blocks unwanted traffic at the satellite hub thus eliminating the need for web filter systems at either end of the connection saving money. We also offer the Nomad Connect phone system which allows connected VSAT phones to communicate between each site without having to connect to the local PSTN.


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