NeverDown Technologies

Critical mobile operations are pass/fail. What’s your grade?

What are the metrics by which your success will be measured? When safety, property, and lives are on the line, there is no gray area. Your communications must simply work, and work simply. NeverDown Technologies is a suite of solutions that moves critical mobile operations into the connected future. Vehicles that go where others can’t. Multiple, redundant power systems. Intelligent network routing that optimizes itself on the fly. NeverDown is the name to know. Most importantly, these innovations are backed at every turn by smart, dedicated, and responsive people. Nomad is in the truck with you… When every minute matters. Let’s build something great together.

NeverDown Technologies // 4 Key Components

01_Shelter: Mobile solutions custom-designed to serve your unique mission. You imagine, we create.

02_Power: Solar, battery, generator, and A.C. work together to ensure critical systems are always up.

03_Connectivity: Intelligent Routing Technology automatically selects the optimal connection on the fly.

04_Support: Nomad is in the truck with you. One call, never down.


Shelter // The Right Hammer

Just as you don’t need a sledgehammer to drive a tack, and a tack hammer is insufficient for tearing down walls, your command and communication solution should suit your specific mission. EMI and RF shielding, EMP protection, truck, trailer, or man-portable… Nomad doesn’t force you into a box. We build the box around you. Made with pride in Montana, USA.

Power // Dept. of Redundancy Dept.

NeverDown gives true off-grid reliability. Flexible solar feeds a high-efficiency battery bank. Nomad-proprietary technology collects unspent energy from air conditioning units and feeds it back into the system. Diesel power generation fills the gaps only when necessary, giving you a quiet, vibration-free environment. Best of all, this energy intelligence runs automatically in the background.



Connectivity // Simply the Best

Nomad’s exclusive Intelligent Routing Technology looks at all available connections (satellite, wireless, and terrestrial), evaluates them based on your priorities (speed, reliability, and cost), then selects the optimal route. No need to monitor the process manually… This all happens behind the scenes, several times per second.

Support // We Have Your Six

Nomad doesn’t do “transactions.” Our 100+ dedicated professionals are your partners. The guy who runs the wire in your truck will probably be the guy who answers the phone when you have a need. We will monitor the health of your assets 24/7, and our warranty and IT refresh programs ensure your systems are always mission-ready. NeverDown means service for life.


True Integration // No Separate Systems

The simplicity, speed, and reliability of your command and communication assets is crucial. When every minute matters, how many partners, vendors, and partners of vendors do you want to rely upon? How many phone calls can you afford to make? NeverDown Technologies brings critical mission operations under one umbrella, removing worry and ensuring your operational goals are achieved. Put this powerful solution set to work for you.